Beshar was born in Baghdad in June 1970.
His love for art in general and music in particular, started since early childhood, empowered by his uncle Riyadh Al Khayat  (a brilliant painter), Riyadh use to take Beshar to theater plays, ballet shows and to the Academy of Fine Arts, where Riyadh worked as a lecturer. Riyadh’s role and the passion for music Beshar’s father had, influenced the child’s connection, love, and later on  journey into the world of music and art.

Beshar got his first instrument “ a violin” by the age of four. He had to break it though claiming “he wants to see what’s inside this thing, that makes it function” something he often did with his other toys as well.  When he became 16 he was old enough to take care of his first Guitar and 6 months later, started jamming with his friends in high school. By 1988 Beshar graduated from High school, for social reason to satisfy his family, he joined the University of Baghdad to study Civil Engineering. Five years later, Beshar graduated holding B.Sc.  in Civil Engineering, and then he left to Jordan where he started his professional career as a musician and singer, started at first performing a One Man Show in restaurants, and pubs.

During the period 1994 – 2001, he established himself in Jordan for his unique performances ranging from Spanish gipsy songs and music, to old traditional Iraqi music. While Jordan was his temporary home country, Beshar had the experience of living and working in other places such as Dubai in the UAE. He performed live on the Jordanian Fm Radio station and was interviewed on Jordanian television on more than one occasion. Also participated in charity concerts and events sponsored by the Royal Family in Jordan on many occasions at venues as the Royal Cultural Center and participated in an International concert sponsored by Queen Rania of Jordan.

In 2001, and after his record deal with MBI Music Box International, seeking to explore more about life, purpose, and himself,  Beshar moved to Europe and started a new experience. He participated in several events and concerts in Belgium, Italy, and Germany with different musicians from Spain, Brazil, and Belgium.  He found the experience very inspiring and enriching. This culminated in his new style of music that he called ‘NuName’. This allowed his music and compositions to go beyond the regular definitions of Iraqi music and come up with his own unique style ‘NuName’ based upon adopting different musical performances and styles melted together to produce something unique.

in 2007 Beshar released  ‘NuName‘ the album features his own compositions as well as one old traditional Iraqi song. In addition to that he found himself involved in composing and producing movie Sound track for several featured and documentary Films, such as ‘The Singer’, ‘The Story of The Marshes’, and ‘Ghdames’.

In 2010 he left Germany and went to the United States, where he worked together with the Persian female singer Sepideh Vahidi, to record and produce two beautiful tracks available now with his late album release DANYA. Later on Beshar left to Amman-Jordan to tour and perform in summer 2010.

After a successful tour in Amman-Jordan, he moved back and forth between Germany and the United States. He was married to Danya and named his late album DANYA honoring their partnership.

By the end of September 2013, Beshar was invited to perform in a grand event together with the Morgenland Chamber Orchestra in Osnabrueck-Germany. Two months later he moved to Michigan-USA  and was invited to perform in Washington DC with the Iraqi Band UTN1, as well as in Toronto-Canada.

In summer 2014 moved to the costal area of San Diego in California-USA where he established his new band HIJAZZ, presenting both songs and instrumentals with a different flair this time.

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